Add more value to your contracts with telehealth from RelyMD.

Help your clients reduce healthcare spend and provide quick and
easy access to high-quality healthcare for their employees. 

Grow your broker business with RelyMD

Employers are concerned with the rising cost of healthcare, bring them an option for reducing their healthcare spend while increasing the productivity of their employees with 24/7 access to RelyMD.

Diversified Revenue Streams

Provide an additional health benefit that generates more revenue for you and your clients.

Post-Consult Check-Ins

Increased patient satisfaction and better patient engagement driven by 4hr and 72hr call backs.

Nation-Wide Availability

Community-based providers are available for your clients located across the country. 

Member Engagement Strategy

Monthly marketing campaigns, push notifications, and reminders keep utilization rates high.

Custom Packages

No benefits package is created the same, and neither should telehealth services.

Member Portal

Provided for active member management + self-service utilization reporting.

"This is the only benefit we sell that both employers & employees alike rave about!"

-Xavier J., Large Consultant Group

Member Portal with On-Demand Reports

The RelyMD member portal gives instant access for active member management, self-service utilization reporting, and patient engagement resources- all available from an easy to use dashboard.

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Easy to Use Platform

The RelyMD platform is easy to use. Patients can choose a telephone or video visit,
reducing barriers to access and increasing utilization for members of all ages.


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