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An important update for MYidealDOCTOR patients, customers & partners.

MYidealDOCTOR is joining forces with RelyMD, a telehealth service who shares the same mission: To simplify people’s lives by delivering reliable, trusted medical care anytime and anywhere.

With this union, you'll see app and service improvements while still receiving care from the very same doctors you know and trust.

Later this summer, MYidealDOCTOR mobile and web applications will automatically forward to RelyMD.

No action is currently needed. As we approach the date we will send additional instructions to ensure there is no gap in RelyMD's availability for your healthcare needs.

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Exciting RelyMD Features

A more simplified and easy-to-use mobile & desktop app

An enhanced patient experience with built-in timely health
information, helping to keep you healthier throughout the year

More regular updates, allowing us to respond to your
feedback, suggestions, and requests faster

Improved connectivity, giving you an overall smoother experience

We're here to help.

Not much will change, you'll still have 24/7 access to the same providers you know and trust. However, if you need assistance as we move your account to the RelyMD app, you can always contact us at